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«The measure will also concern teachers and officials» The minister: «Stop the butchers». Order of doctors and trade unions protest, the Tribunal of the sick applauds UMBERTO VERONESI THE UNION OF "HOSPITALS" «But we must also consider the structure in which the doctor works» «More transparency? Then the doctors' working hours should also be made known"

ROME – This time the Minister of Public Administration Renato Brunetta points the finger at the doctors. Surgeons, to be exact. He says they are "butchers" and that the publication of their curricula together with their professional results (the professional "score"), starting next year, will be able to prevent them from "killing". The doctors face up and rise up even if, among the ranks, there are those who swamp the minister. Perhaps teachers will also raise their voices since, very soon, the work history will be put online for them too. "Discomfort and concern" comes from the Order of Doctors. «The policy of transparency must be communicated without excesses of demagoguery in tones and approaches, in order to seriously address these and other issues, avoiding recourse to the truculent and sensational. In any case, the minister should know that the public comparison of curricula and operating cases is a fact universally considered questionable". Umberto Veronesi agrees with the anti-slacker minister but makes some distinctions and makes suggestions to help patients better "understand" the professionalism of those who will take him to the operating room: "A surgeon can be very good, but if he works in a poorly organized or organized in the old-fashioned way, the risk for the patient of not getting good treatment remains". As if to say that for everyday work to be a good job, in addition to publications, it requires "experience, intuition, competence, intelligence". And heart. Those who are always on the citizen's side like "Cittadinanzattiva" applaud without reservation. It is judged to be an optimal proposal. Go ahead, proceed. “However, pay attention to the humanity of the treatments – comments Teresa Petrangolini, general secretary of Cittadinanzattiva -. And this can be evaluated with the tools that we have put in place for years with the Tribunal for the rights of the patient". It relaunches the most representative hospital union, Anaao. Do you want to make professional skills transparent as is already the case in the United States and Great Britain? "Well - Carlo Lusenti incalaza national secretary - then also disclose the working hours and the actual commitment that each doctor dedicates to the profession." And so, control returns to the public: to the presence in the ward and in the operating room, to productivity, to the mortality level of a ward, to bed turnover, to hospitalization times. Not only in the accounting books of the ASL administrations but in the medical records, in verifying who manages to save the most patients, in the comparison between the different centres.

Il Messaggero of 09/18/2008, article by CARLA MASSI ed. national p. 12


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