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Dear friends and dear friends,

in this period of serious economic, political and cultural crisis, we cannot allow our country to continue to fail to respect the dignity of sick people. For this we cannot forget the Judicial psychiatric hospitals (OPG).

I consider an extension to the closure of the former criminal asylums unacceptable: it seems, in fact, that a postponement of at least a year is being discussed with respect to the date, set by law 9/2012, for 31 March 2013. The Government was late in issuing the necessary measures for the use of resources and the Regions are not ready to welcome their own patients: but these are not plausible justifications.

For several months now, the Commission of Inquiry into the National Health Service has formulated a proposal for the implementation of the OPG reform. A reform that we strongly wanted after two years of investigation and denunciation of the degraded conditions of these structures.

Last October 15, I went to Prime Minister Mario Monti to express great concern and deliver a letter suggesting a solution to the Government: nominate a figure with full powers to apply the law voted by Parliament and who can manage the process closure and the economic resources made available. We were told it wasn't possible, but we're not with it.

I recall another relevant fact: in writing the article of the law on OPGs, the Commission of Inquiry considered it essential to provide certain funds: 120 million for 2012 and 60 for 2013 for the construction of the new structures, 38 million for the 2012 for the hiring of personnel and another 55 million each year starting from 2013. This money can be spent immediately and is even released from the limitations that exist in the Regions subject to a repayment plan or to a compulsory administration.

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