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Shortage of medicines: too many unfulfilled requests in Verona

by Editorial board – February 20, 2013 at 8:37 pm  Those who Pharmacy Magazine

The Capitoline newspaper The weather yesterday dedicated a full-bodied and detailed article to the "bargain prices" that some pharmacies in the city now charge for many medicines, fully adhering to the possibility of discounting provided for by the Monti decree last year. It is a question, writes the newspaper, of “a consequence of the liberalization decree which provides, among other things, to facilitate the accessibility of citizens to pharmaceutical services, that pharmacies can apply discounts on all drugs and products paid directly by customers, giving adequate information, as well as carry out the service in shifts and times other than the mandatory ones. And Roman pharmacies, due to the crisis, have taken article 11 of the decree literally, going even further. Not only openings after hours and non-stop even on holidays, but discounts on over-the-counter medicines and not only in many districts of the city. With lots of promotional flyers like at the supermarket and sites that proliferate with offers.

The newspaper offers a detailed list of examples, also reporting the names and locations of some city pharmacies that stand out in the application of discounts, often also underlined by special signs such as "Watch out for the lowest price”, as the columnist diligently notes.

The Romans seem to appreciate it a lot” the article then continues, also recording the positive effects on the business of those who, with evident journalistic strain, are defined “masked sales” That "they also extend to medical equipment and hygiene and personal care products. A revolution that accompanies the new face of many Roman pharmacies that have become real health hypermarkets, with special weekly corners for advertising innovative products.”
Some examples follow: from the wellness center and ultra-modern therapies of a pharmacy in the center to the more usual first instance analyzes of many exercises, from the "possibility for customers to a

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