Case Menarini, the defense of the Aleottis "the children are not to blame"

Palazzo di Giustizia a Firenze (foto of the patron of the pharmaceutical multinational Menarini, Alberto Sergio Aleotti, who died in 2014, remains an "immanent" figure in the trial for money laundering, fraud and tax evasion underway in Florence and if the prosecution defines him as a "habitual tax evader", the defender of the children Lucia Aleotti and Alberto Giovanni Aleotti, lawyer Alessandro Traversi, underlined that "it is also true that Aleotti senior, in addition to having repented, has equally seriously discounted" that accusation, having "paid the tax authorities a good 433.7 million euros convinced to regularize one's position".

Alberto Aleotti "like every good father loved his children and did not want them to find themselves, through his own fault, involved in liability of any kind", added Traversi, thus "put an end to the system of over-invoicing by intermediary foreign companies", used to accumulate capital abroad (he set up 130 companies in Panama and strictly controlled them with trusted people, "but not through his children", the defense specifies).

Aleotti senior, Traversi said again, "decided to use every legislative instrument to remedy his own tax position and that of the Menarini company and to regularize capital abroad", "nevertheless - for a sort of nemesis with a vaguely Sophoclean flavor - the children are now called to answer for the father's faults in a serious crime such as money laundering". However, against them "there is no proof of money laundering, nor of the use of capital of illicit origin, nor of complicity with the father," said Traversi.

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