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Retail trade, Istat: sales still down in June -3% per year, discounters lose

Carlo Rienzi, president of Codacons.
President, you have spent more than others on generic medicines. Yet their market share remains steady at 17%. In the USA, for example, they arrive at the 80%.
Oh sure. We asked AIFA to help us but the pharmaceutical companies' lobbies are too strong. Rumors are periodically spread about the unreliability of generics and people believe them.
Instead of asking for help from the Italian medicines agency, we should rely on general practitioners.
Are you kidding? They are the first to be sensitive to pressure from the drug industry. They too have an interest in promoting branded drugs, so then they go to refresher courses in the Maldives…
And how do we get out of it?
In three moves.
We feel.
By banning the sponsorship of medicines, asking the institutions to carry out an awareness campaign and eliminating scientific representatives.
President, but how to eliminate them?
Yes, I am a figure that exists only in Italy.
Well, in times of deep crisis, saying to eliminate a professional category is not a gamble, at least? Not to mention their professional role…
They should do their job at their best, not get sponsored out of interest. And can't we all defend? They recycled themselves, went to pharmacies to advise patients which drugs to buy but they cannot think of still playing this role of helping lobbies.


Stefania Amused – 18 January 2013


Ed.: It is not clear whether Rienzi's statements are due to ignorance or deliberate belief in what he says. If it is ignorance &eg

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