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Notice to Marvecs workers

Union of Pharmaceutical Industry Workers - Cobas Private Work


Notice to Marvecs workers


Following the mobility procedure initiated by Marvecspharma services with communication dated 20.04.2010, was held in Assolombarda between the Company Management and the OS SLF-Cobas Lavoro Private the first meeting for joint examination required by law.

At the opening of the meeting, the representative of Assolombarda communicated that the procedure referred to above is a formality aimed at obtaining the inclusion in the redundancy lists and the relative indemnity for some workers, who today would be 20, who would have expressed to the company the will to  give up the job.

He notes the strangeness of having expressed to the company the will to give up their job instead of making it known in the recent trade union meetings, the natural place in which workers express their needs and ask for them to be represented.

In addition, although the term established by law for a possible agreement is set at 45 days union, instead we were asked for the immediate signing of the agreement (unilaterally prepared in previously), which was immediately read, in which the number of 50 is confirmed

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