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Conference on 24 May at Palazzo Marino

Yesterday, 24 May, the conference organized by the Hon. Scilipoti "Scientific information and Farmindustria: a difficult relationship".

The Hon Scilipoti affirmed that the Informant must continue to carry out his activity, as required by law, to guarantee the citizen. Dr. Mazzucconi of the SMI underlined how the specialist drug is not presented to the general practitioner, thus causing a block to scientific development.

All the other speeches underlined the serious occupational moment that the category of ISF is going through, analyzing its causes, methods and consequences.

During the conference, the Hon. Scilipoti disclosed to the onlookers the Proposal of Law that he presented (and that we published on 10 May last) and which we now report in full below

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Ladies and Gentlemen!

The drug sales rep, who this bill intends to place definitively in the Italian professional landscape, has been defined several times as: "Distributor of scientific knowledge" in a particularly delicate sector such as health. He is an essential intermediary in the knowledge process or communicative, and cannot be relegated to the pure function of propagandist of consumer objects“ as unfortunately the drugs placed on the market are considered by the Marketing of Industries.


The definition written above has so far not met with objections from analysts of contemporary society, in Italy and in Europe. On the contrary, a large list of Italian and Community regulations have confirmed not only the social essentiality of the role of the ISF, but have dictated precise provisions on the subject, those which we will list below. These rules inextricably pertain to the pharmaceutical legislation, as it has come to mature over the centuries, since the first regulations on medicines issued in 1222 by the Emperor Frederick II of Swabia.


In particular, from the moment in which the medicine manufacturing industry was born, which studies and produces them thanks to the acquisition of constantly updated notions in  biology, chemistry, clinics, pharmacology, physiology, often protected by patents, the problem has arisen of uniformly informing the doctors who use them so that the use of drugs takes place in the inseparable interest of the individual and of society.

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