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Cosenza. Reconstituted the provincial federated AIISF Fedaiisf

After several years of absence, the Provincial Association of Pharmaceutical Representatives (AIISF) federated with Fedaiisf was reconstituted in Cosenza on 12 January.

"A large group of Scientific Representatives met in the conference room of the Hotel Villa Fabiano, in Rende, in the presence of Dr. Antonio Mazzarella, FEDAIISF National President and Dr. Antonio Daniele, Councilor of the FEDAIISF Section of Lecce.

The discussion focused on the problems that have been afflicting this category of workers for some time and on the urgent need to draw up new programs, in the interest of public health and in applying the laws in force, which are very often disregarded.

The Board was formed which includes Lello Esposito, with the office of President, Massimo Coscarella, Vice President, Giuseppe Cinelli, Secretary, Alfredo Summaria, Treasurer. Enrica Gatti, Deborah Malizia, Walter Ventura, Lindo Giglio Pierfrancesco Sirangelo, Enrico Iusi, with the office of Directors.

The Board thanks all those present for the sensitivity shown towards the problems and undertakes to continue the work."

The AIISF Cosenza Board

Redazione Fedaiisf

Promote the cohesion and union of all members to allow a univocal and homogeneous vision of the professional problems inherent in the activity of pharmaceutical sales reps.

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