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Since 1996, non-conventional medicines have entered public clinics in Tuscany

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The use of non-conventional medicines - NCM, according to the European definition - by the world population is constantly increasing, as demonstrated by the surveys carried out by the media and scientific institutes on the matter.

The trend is confirmed at national level by ISTAT data, and for the Tuscany Region by the analysis of the same data carried out by the Regional Health Agency: out of 7,049 interviewees

19,3% reported having resorted to at least one type of MnC in the last three years
the 13.3% in the last year
approximately 70% of those who have used it stated that they have benefited from it

Starting from 1996, the health planning documents of Tuscany contain references to NCDs, and the last three regional health plans provide for specific actions to support these therapies.
The result achieved to date is measured in about 60 public clinics that provide NCD services - mainly acupuncture, homeopathy And herbal medicine – at the Tuscan health authorities.

The regional health service has guaranteed the coverage of acupuncture and moxibustion services – inclusion in the essential levels of regional assistance (Lea) – and has provided for the provision of the other MNCs as part of targeted projects or against the payment of rates competitive with the private market.

A regional reference structure on NCDs has been set up located at the Center for Traditional Chinese Medicine Fior di Plum of the USL of Florence for the performance of functions of general interest, and articulated, for specialist functions, in the Homeopathy Clinic of the Local Health Authority of Lucca, in the Phytotherapy Service of the Local Health Authority of Empoli and in the Traditional Chinese Medicine Center Fior di Prugna of the Local Health Authority of Florence.
April 11, 2008


NB Moxibustion: tChinese technique (although the term comes from the Japanese Moe Kusa) which means burning grass. The herb that is used is Artemisa Vulgaris (Chinese Wormwood), because it emits an adequate infrared frequency (the temperature reaches 600°C) and does not burn too quickly or too slowly. It is particularly indicated in chronic diseases and joint pains in general. The application is theoretically identical to that of acupuncture, it is based on the same fundamental principles and on the same points. Artemisia is commercially available in the form of cigars about 20 cm long by 15 mm in diameter or in the form of wool with self-adhering properties which make it suitable for being separated into pinches of various sizes.

[Editor's note: we report the above press release of the Tuscany Region of 2008 at the moment in which it decides drastic savings on drugs.]

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