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Di Iorio (Naples): lack of drugs, poor image and service

The shortage of drugs in the pharmacies of Naples impoverishes the image of the pharmacy in the eyes of the patient and makes the pharmaceutical service poor. He reiterates it Michael DiIorio president of Federfarma Napoli who has been denouncing the phenomenon for some time, not only in the city but throughout Italy: "There is nothing more cruel and inhumane for an owner to tell the patient "I don't have the drug and I don't know when it will arrive"". But this is what has been happening for some time in Campania pharmacies which, we learn from the local press, "to make up for the insufficient supply of medicines, we try to diversify so as not to affect earnings and economic standards too much". But these are "ethical evaluations" comments Di Iorio who adds: "I have been fighting against the export of restricted drugs for months, the question was raised in the last three national Federfarma Presidency Councils and will also be raised in the one that will be held today, since the national president has asked us to constantly monitor and update on the situation. National Federfarma has already interfaced with Aifa and Adf in various meetings but without finding a solution. There is attention to the problem» continues Di Iorio «but also a lot of confusion». According to Di Iorio, "legislative assessments should be made, because the solution must be regulatory in nature". And he has, in fact, opened a correspondence with the Minister of Health Lorenzin: «The day after his appointment I sent a letter to bring to your attention the problem of parallel exports and the repercussions on the pharmaceutical service but also the "treasure hunt" to which patients are sometimes forced". And he concludes: «Companies already send fewer drugs to the area, then there are the wholesalers and pharmacist colleagues with a history of exporting as owners of suitable tools to be able to do so, in addition to these there are other colleagues who can still sell drugs to exporters with, in my opinion, dubious profit margins. All of this» Di Iorio denounces «is causing an unnecessary drainage of products from the territory and is denaturing the pharmacy of its service nature».

Simona Zazzetta – 19 June 2013 – Pharmacist33




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