Bill n.552

Senate Act n. 552 XIV Legislature Regulation and register of drug scientific representatives Texts not yet available 30 July 2001: to be assigned Succession of parliamentary readings S. 552 to be assigned 30 July 2001 Parliamentary initiative Sen. Francesco Salzano (Aut) Ordinary nature Presentation Presented on 30 July 2001; announced in session n.27 of 31 July 2001 TESEO Classification FREELANCE PROFESSIONALS, INFORMATION, MEDICINAL PRODUCTS, COMMERCIAL AGENTS Articles MINISTRY OF HEALTH (Art.2), OBLIGATION TO PROVIDE DATA, NEWS AND INFORMATION (Art.2), DEGREE DIPLOMAS (Art.2), MEDICINE (Art.2), PHARMACY (Art.2), CHEMISTRY (Art.2), BIOLOGY (Art.2) Art.2), LISTS AND REGISTERS (Art.3, 4, 7, 15 - 20), PROVINCES (Art.4, 5), COLLEGES AND PROFESSIONAL ORDERS (Art.4, 8), PROFESSIONAL ORDERS COUNCIL (Art.5, 6, 7, 10 - 15), DISCIPLINARY SANCTIONS (Art.18, 22), DISCIPLINARY PROCEDURES (Art. .21), JUDICIAL APPEAL (Art.23), REGULATIONS (Art.26), VETERINARY (Art.2), DENTISTRY (Art.2), PROFESSIONAL SECRECY (Art.3), ELECTIONS (Art.5), PRESIDENTS AND VICE PRESIDENTS (Art.6, 8, 11), MANAGING BODIES OF BODIES AND ADMINISTRATIONS (Art.6, 8, 11), COMPETENCE ( Art.7, 12), AUDITORS (Art.9, 11), FILING OF DEEDS (Art.20), PROFESSIONAL REGISTERS (Art.15 - 20)

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