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To the Secretary General Filcem Cgil   Morselli tree
To the Secretary General Femca Cisl   Sergio Gigli
To the Secretary General Filcem Uil     Roman Beautiful

 The RSU……………………..

while appreciating the document for the improved aspects, compared to the previous contract, it does NOT deem it appropriate to conclude the negotiation before a clear and definitive solution of the points concerning the ISF.

-In particular, he believes that the profile, role and definition of the activity of scientific representatives should be clarified unequivocally, without referrals to specific commissions.
- Exclusion of any form of "apprenticeship" for the ISF, as the mere possession of the required legal requirements constitutes a necessary and sufficient qualification for carrying out the activity.
- They also believe that the figure of the ISF should be excluded from the training mechanism which provides for the use of 1.5 days made available by the worker, thus maintaining the rights acquired in terms of ROL. This for the simple reason that training for this professional figure is already largely carried out by companies, it is done by law, not on the basis of shared projects, and is currently carried out using normal working hours.
 The RSU ……………………

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