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Elections 2013: the health policies proposed by the 5 Star Movement

Published on 30 Jan 2013 by Patrizia Chimera – Benessere Blog.it

The program of the Movimento 5 Stelle for the next political elections to be held in Italy in February 2013 is very clear on the subject of health: in the list of points to be addressed, in the event of victory in the elections, an entire section is dedicated precisely to the theme of health, with well-defined projects to restore our health system.

In this regard, the proposals linked to environmental issues in close contact with the sphere of health are also very interesting (making city centers inaccessible to cars by promoting circulation on two wheels, upgrading public transport to reduce pollution of our city), while as far as health is concerned, the 5 Star Movement underlines how ours is one of the few countries with a public health system with universal access, but there are too many things wrong.

The 5 Star Movement in the Health section reads as follows:

Italy is one of the few countries with a public health system with universal access. However, two facts are undermining the universality and homogeneity of the National Health Service: Devolution, which entrusts health care and its financing to the regions and accentuates territorial differences, and private health care which takes away resources and talents from the public. Furthermore, there is a tendency to organize Healthcare as a company and to make economic objectives prevail over those of health and quality of services.

What does Grillo's party propose? Here are all the points of the 5 Star Movement program which concern health and which were proposed on the occasion of the movement's candidacy in the February 2013 general elections:

·       Free of care and equity of access

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