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Mario DeFazio

Savona – «We persevere in linear and non-targeted cuts. At risk is the entire tightness of the system. The policy of cuts in the Pharmaceutical sector in the area has reached levels that are no longer sustainable». The cry of alarm comes from Federfarma Savona, ready to lower the shutters of the Savona pharmacies in protest against the policy of containing pharmaceutical expenditure put in place by theAsl 2.

A cut that, according to the president Aldo Gallo, puts dozens of jobs at risk, the services of the 112 pharmacies in the province and which could lead to the closure of those in smaller towns. The news reported by Il Secolo XIX on the forecast of another cut in spending for the affiliated pharmaceuticals of another three million, posted in the budget by the Health Authority for 2013, has unleashed the furious reaction of the association that represents the private pharmacies affiliated with the national health service. According to the data held by Federfarma, the paradox is approaching that the costs of the mutual medicines would exceed the earnings: in the last three years the number of prescriptions managed by pharmacies has remained practically the same in the face of a decrease in the average value of the medicines disbursed of 15-20%, year on year, as well as a very significant increase in management times for each individual recipe

The president Aldo Gallo spares no punches. «It has been at least five years that the regional territorial pharmaceutical expenditure and also that of the ASL 2 has contracted every year, on average, by more than 10%. Saving and making ends meet is not only useful but essential. But the savings must be targeted, real, shared and must not burden the citizen and fall on the professionalism of the medical profession. And don't risk upsetting the system, with a dangerous drift that could soon lead to paradoxical situations of blackout of the pharmaceutical service in the area". For Gallo, this "obvious and dangerous" trend causes "distorting effects which are now a real social criticality". Among these "doctors conditioned far beyond the" appropriateness pres

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