Ema approves the Novavax vaccine

With the approval of Novavax by EMA, the conspiracy of the "dominant pharmaceutical companies" falls

Many, when they learned of the trials of the recombinant protein vaccine, they believed it would never be endorsed by drug agencies

Journalism – 12/20/2021

The pharmaceutical house Novavax hers was approved Nuvaxovid vaccine from the European Medicines Agency. This news alone is enough to dismantle any no-vax conspiracy over the overwhelming power of pharmaceutical companies, especially Pfizer and Moderna. According to what has been collected online in recent days, despite the progress of the Novavax vaccine testing phase, skeptical users of vaccinations had spread the news - and the unfounded rumor - that this type of recombinant protein vaccine would never be been approved in Europe, because it does not come from mainstream pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer or Moderna.

Novavax has been approved by the EMA, the no-vax conspiracy falls

A serious blow to this conspiracy, in reality, had already been dealt in August 2021. On that date, the president of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen had already announced the purchase of a large number of doses of the vaccine from the pharmaceutical company Novavax: «Since the variants are spreading, we must remain vigilant – he wrote last August 4 -. We have approved a new contract with Novavax for 200 million doses of its vaccine, which has already been successfully tested against the variants. With our broad portfolio of vaccines, we protect Europeans and help vaccinate the world."

However, despite this announcement, the no-vax world had continued to show skepticism: hoaxes had spread regarding the forecast purchases of Pfizer, AstraZeneca and Moderna vaccine doses by of the European Union, while talking about dominant pharmaceutical companies that, for some reason, the mighty of the earth would have preferred to those that were still conducting trials on their own preparations. But why had Novavax ended up in the whirlwind of this conspiracy?

How is Novavax and Vla2001 different

First of all for what - in a rather simplistic way - we could define as diversity in the functioning mechanism. Novavax is a recombinant protein vaccine, a rather traditional and different method than the mRNA one. For this reason, in the common narrative, it is considered as "the vaccine that could also reassure no-vaxes". A sort of last bastion of skepticism. Among other things, Novavax will not be the last vaccine to be adopted in Europe: it is possible that Vla2001 from the French Valneva, an inactivated virus vaccine, will also arrive in mid-2022.

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Product features

Magrini (AIFA). Two new vaccines available from the beginning of 2022: Novavax and Valneva

The following vaccines have currently been authorized in Italy:

  1. Vaccine Comirnaty of Pfizer-BioNtech – is the first vaccine to have been authorized in the European Union: on 21 December 2020 by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and on 22 December by the Italian Medicines Agency (AIFA).
  2. Vaccine Spikevax (modern) – on 6 January it was authorized by the EMA and on 7 January by AIFA.
  3. Vaccine Vaxzevria Of AstraZeneca – on 29 January it was authorized by the EMA and on 30 January by AIFA.
  4. Vaccine Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) – is the fourth vaccine authorized by the EMA on 11 March and by AIFA on 12 March 2021.


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