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Pharmaceuticals: China accuses Gfk of corruption

(AGI/REUTERS) - Beijing, July 11. – The Chinese Interior Ministry reports that some executives of the British pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline (Gfk) have confessed to having paid bribes and violated the law. The bribes would have been offered by the British group to hospitals, doctors' associations and doctors to promote sales by increasing the prices of the drugs. GSK, as stated in a statement from the ministry, would have falsified medical prescriptions and violated some unspecified laws of the Asian country.

   The press release does not reveal the number of executives implicated in the case and the British company, in response to the accusations by the Beijing government, lets it be known that it is ready to collaborate with the Chinese authorities. In recent months, the Beijing government has intensified its offensive against various foreign companies on prices, quality controls and consumer rights. However, the accusation of corruption against GFK's managers is the most serious in three years and that is since the offensive unleashed against the mining giant Rio Tinto, which led to the imprisonment of 4 managers of Australian origin. (AGI) .




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