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Pharmaceuticals: Scientific Representatives, 181 on the move to Pfizer

 (AGI) - Latina, Sept. 29 – There are 181 scientific representatives that the Pfizer company has decided to mobilize throughout Italy. This was announced by Confindustria Latina with a note sent to the trade unions. Ugl chemists has requested an urgent meeting with the company whose registered office is in the Pontine capital where the dispute will therefore be discussed. A meeting, according to what was confirmed by the Ugl, is already scheduled for next October 6 when Pfizer management will communicate the redundancy reduction plan. (AGI) Lt1

Pzifer 180 workers on the move, the intervention of the UGL On 26 September at the UGL Secretariat the official note of Confindustria Latina has arrived where it is learned that Pfizer Italia srl has opened a mobility procedure for 181 job positions. LA UGL-Chemici Latina, after learning of the Company's situation, has requested an official meeting, where it will reiterate "how the dismissal of workers is unacceptable". The discussion with top management will begin at the offices of Confindustria Latina on 6 October next, where the management will illustrate the redundancy reduction plan to the trade unions.

In the past Pfizer has activated various procedures for the reorganization of the sales networks, we are once again faced with a tajic situation, where not only the workers will be affected, but all inducements will be penalized.

UGL-Chemists will try to involve the high institutions to make the country aware of a now tragic situation, there are about 10,000 scientific information workers who have lost their jobs; A haemorrhage that is advancing, "by now the work of the scientific informant no longer gives employment guarantees, we must try to protect all those figures who are at the forefront of curbing public health spending": declared the provincial secretary of chemists Armando Valiani.

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Confindustria Latina, Associazione degli Industriali della Provincia

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