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Medicines. Johnson & Johnson the most innovative company

The American multinational leaps to the top in the special classification drawn up by Idea Pharma. Compared to last year, Gsk records the greatest growth, while Ucb collapses, losing six positions and falling to twenty-second place in the standings.

07 FEB – Johnson & Johnson wins the title of the most innovative company in the pharmaceutical sector, displacing Amgen, which had conquered the first position last year. The success of the American multinational was confirmed above all by the launch of Zytiga, a cutting-edge drug for prostate cancer. This is what emerges from the elaborations carried out by Idea Pharma – a company specialized in market analysis – which elaborates the ranking on the basis of a specific indicator, the Productive Innovation Index.

Compared to twelve months ago, the most significant leap is made by GSK, which gains no less than six positions, going from fourteenth to eighth place. The most consistent drop, on the other hand, is that of Ucb, which falls from the twelfth step to twenty-second place.

Absolute new entries are instead Lundbeck (thirteenth position), Astellas (fourteenth) and Actellion (twenty-fourth), all three awarded for their propensity to seek innovative solutions in all key sectors.

According to Mike Rea, CEO of Idea Pharma, the pharmaceutical industry as a whole needs "in addition to research activities which represent an already well-established asset, also greater attention to commercial strategies so as to define new approaches to the market".

February 7, 2013 – Dailyhealthcare

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