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Medicines: Free pharmacists, government maneuver does not increase competition

January 20, 2012 – 21:04

(ASCA) - Rome, Jan 20 - "The recently passed government measure on pharmaceuticals does not increase competition in the sector and, contrary to what the prime minister said, leaves the space for young people unchanged, i.e. absolute zero.

The positive increase in the number of pharmacies, which we should verify if it will resist during the parliamentary passage because it is already the object of attack by the pharmacy owners' corporation, is not sufficient to increase competition in the sector". This was stated in a note by the Movimento Nazionale Free Pharmacists, pointing out that "the recommendation of a few weeks ago by the Antitrust in favor of the liberalization of class C drugs was not listened to by the Government, and so were the recommendations of numerous consumer associations".

According to the MNLF, ”There will be no economic benefits for consumers. The experiences gained in the past (Storace decree) teach that without the pro-competitive confrontation between two different distribution networks prices are not lowered and there are no discounts from operators belonging to the same network.

As far as young people are concerned, the effect that will be obtained will be the exact opposite, young people will not be able to obtain the new pharmaceutical offices and will continue to remain on the margins of the profession.

As regards the latest changes made to the previous draft, i.e. the deletion of the paragraph which required the sale of class C drugs if the 80% of the offices had not been assigned, they are the emblem of a 'subjection' of political power to interests of the lobbies operating in our country.

The lowest rating for pharmacists who have worked in parapharmacies in competitions - they conclude - is an unbearable 'slap in the face'. The struggle to free this sector from corporate privileges remains, the Government and the personalities who are part of it, for their history and for what has been declared in the past have disappointed ".



Drugs: Federfarma, government determined to destroy pharmacies

January 20, 2012 – 8:57 pm


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