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Medicines Small molecules, but big business

Good morning, Doctor Iacona.
I have read that you are preparing an episode on Grillo's electoral success, therefore I take this opportunity to point out to you a point of the 'non-statute' of the M5S which is causing many concerns to those who, like the writer, are a Pharmaceutical Representative.
In that document it is written:
….Promote the use of generic and off-patent medicines that are equivalent to and less expensive than brand name medicines and safer than newly approved products.
Medical prescription of active ingredients instead of brands…..

Now, let it be clear that this whole pro 'generic' campaign is causing significant 'side effects', in terms of employment and beyond ('safer'? Do we want to do a survey on how 'safer' they are?). But let us ask ourselves: WHICH PRODEST? 'Savings for the State (or the Health System, if you prefer)', argued the (now ex) minister and all the plethora of his colleagues whose critical capacity does not go beyond copy-and-paste. BUT IF THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE PRICE OF THE GENERIC AND THAT OF THE 'DESIGNED' HAS BEEN, IS AND WILL ALWAYS BE PAID BY THE CITIZEN (known as the 'charged fee'), where is this saving? THE CITIZEN HAS NEVER BEEN FORCED TO PURCHASE THE 'DESIGNATOR'. So, I repeat: WHO PRODEST???
If you have read me up to here, I thank you for the time you have dedicated. However, I warmly invite you to take a careful look at this material:
You will be able to realize how, at the basis of this mine, there is not only a mere interest in safeguarding the Category, but much wider areas concerning freedom of choice and the protection of everyone's present and future health: also of yours, also that of Beppe Grillo.
For more information, it will be very welcome guest on
The colleagues for whom I am the spokesperson look forward to your kind reply.

Heartiest congratulations for your and your editorial team's excellent work.


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