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Untraceable pharmacists, Racca: the sector is saturated

The profession of pharmacist would be one of the most difficult to find. This is what emerges from an Excelsior-Unioncamere survey, according to which of the 595,000 non-seasonal hirings envisaged by companies by 2011, almost 117,000, or 19.7%, concern professionals who are difficult to find. And among these, in addition to plumbers and software developers, that of pharmacist, for which about 600 would be unobtainable. Italian pharmacies thus seem at risk of finding themselves with uncovered staff, the confirmation, as explained by the president of Federfarma, Annarosa Racca (photo), that "the sector is already saturated and that no other openings are needed". «Full employment in the sector has been known for some time» adds Racca «and among other things there is a limited number in the faculties of Pharmacy. In many areas of Italy there has always been difficulty in finding personnel». And the possibility of employment in the sector, also in view of the new services offered, will increase in the coming years. "We hope in the future" concluded the president of Federfarma "to be more and more the first garrison of the National Health Service".

Pharmacist33 – 20 September 2011

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