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During the summer season one is more exposed to insect bites due to the explosion of heat and the need to be outdoors to enjoy the light cooling breeze in the grip of the heatwave. The greater exposure invites the insects to rest on the uncovered parts. All the various spray or liquid products used as protection are palliative and often harmful to the skin. Changing your way of life is not easy or responsive to the sense of liberation from daily commitments that pervades us during the summer holidays. For this reason it becomes necessary to resort to some precautions in order not to deprive oneself of the right moment of leisure in the most beautiful months of the year. Most insect bites and stings resolve without lethal consequences, especially in Italy where the species present are not dangerous. However, the stings of bees, wasps and spiders can be dangerous for those who suffer from allergies to these venoms or are stung at the same time. Punctures on the mucous membranes of the mouth and eyes are particularly insidious, because the swelling can block the airways.

How to behave?
Make sure that the stinger has not remained in the skin and, if necessary, remove it with tweezers. Delicate maneuver that must be performed with particular skill to avoid crushing and leakage of the venom contained in the sting case. The sting, disinfected with hydrogen peroxide, treated with ammonia as an antidote to the poison, pressed with ice to delay the absorption of the poison, is treated with antihistamine or cortisone ointment.  
If instead the damage has already been done, for reduce pain or itching, that accompanies the sting, we can wash the affected parts with soap and water and apply an antihistamine ointment or baking soda mixed with a little water. If swelling is present, we can make some wraps with a cloth soaked in water. If the bubble was caused by a mosquito, the itching can be relieved by sprinkling the tip with vinegar. Stings in the mouth require gargling with cold salted water: two teaspoons of fine salt per glass of water; ice can reduce pain. In more serious cases, such as anaphylactic shock, it is necessary to seek medical attention or an emergency room. Symptoms are: pale skin, sweating, feeling dizzy, cough, difficulty breathing, asthenia, loss of consciousness, swelling of the lips and eyes. During the very few minutes, which elapse between the event and the medical intervention, the patient must be laid down, his breathing monitored and aided with artificial respiration in case of respiratory arrest. The most dangerous insects must be recognized for a more prudent intervention.

The scorpions
There are many types of scorpions and their stingers produce pain and sudden rises in temperature. The anti scorpion serums are many and available in summer pharmacies. The fundamental rule is not to lift stones with your bare hands because scorpions hide under and in sandy ravines.

The bees
They belong to the Hymenoptera family and only sting in self-defense, while ve

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