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Gelmini: one year discount for Medicine and Law students

ROME, JULY 11 – Period of sales also at the Ministry of Education. The disasters of Gelmini do not stop and this time the minister decides to celebrate the future students of the Faculty of Medicine and Law.

Italian healthcare is very bad and the already proven intelligence of Mariastella Gelmini wants to amaze us once again by proposing a solution: “We have opened a table with the Minister of Health Ferruccio Fazio, precisely for the purpose of evaluating a reduction in the years of study of the Faculty of Medicine. Now it's six years for the bachelor's degree, then four or five years of graduate school, then the doctorate. It never ends. The goal would be to shorten it by at least a year”. Happy students, future patients maybe less so. Perhaps we can still save ourselves given that it is an interview and not a real reform proposal.

Before becoming a minister, the young Mariastella attended a high school in Desenzano del Garda for a short time before graduating, however, from a private high school. Subsequently she attended the University of Brescia and managed to graduate only after several years out of course in Law. And perhaps just remembering his university sufferings he has some news in store for his faculty as well. “Also in this case too many years before entering the profession. We are evaluating the possibility of bringing the internship forward to the last year before graduation so that after graduation only one year of practice is needed”, says Gelmini in an interview with the newspaper. As far as jurisprudence is concerned, however, he should pay more attention as it is known that various exponents of the party to which he belongs need good lawyers. Better to make them study a little more then!

In short, it was not enough for the minister to ruin university education with the introduction of the least ingenious idea of the century, the "3+2", and other equally acute ideas. The Italian cultural demolition work continues. And there is still insistence on the abolition of the legal value of educational qualifications. The president of Crui explains how, on the other hand, "repealing the legal value could mean liberalizing university education, leaving anyone to be able to set up a "university" and the market to act as a regulator of the substantial and non-formal value of the qualifications awarded". Furthermore, to access the Public Administration or the professions, today, a specific academic or i qualification is required

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