Giorni (Tuscany): from review of the handbook and pharmacy of services contribution to sustainability

GiorniThere are many measures that in the medium to long term could give the system some breathing space and among these is the pharmacy of services, while in the immediate term the one that could have more incisive effects is the anticipation to June of the revision of the formulary, envisaged in the proposals circulated so far in view of the state-regions agreement to decline the cuts of the Stability law.

To make the point Loredano Days, responsible for pharmaceutical policies in Tuscany, interviewed on the sidelines of Farmacista Più, which ended in Milan. «The pharmacy of services» explains Giorni «is understood as a contribution to the sustainability of the system, albeit in a medium-long term logic, because it is clear that a whole series of services that are now provided we can agree with the pharmacies by providing a service which can be better and sometimes even cheaper». At the moment, "we are opening negotiations with Sisac for the renewal of the agreement and that is the container with which we must give addresses on the services to be provided".

From Giorni there are also concerns about the agreement on the cuts, postponed until after the regional elections at the end of May: «Each day that passes is one less day in which the cut can be recovered and the intervention bar must be increased proportionally. Now we have to make a maneuver that in six months covers what is a year's cut ». And among the measures from which the Regions count on having an immediate return, there is in particular the anticipation in June of the «revision of the handbook.

In the medium-long term, the system must be restructured, with interventions that also include the distribution chain, with a view to seeking an economy of the system through an all-round understanding of all the players. But in the immediate future, the measure that can bring about a return to the system in the short term is the measure on the revision of the formulary: without denying the levels of assistance, the goal may be to optimize the available drugs, also on the basis of how much they cost".

Francesca Giani – Friday, 15 May 2015 – Pharmacist33

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