Giulia Grillo towards farewell to the Ministry of Health?

Giulia Grillo towards farewell to the Ministry of Health: the reshuffle, Luigi Di Maio wants his head

Libero Quotidiano – 23 September 2018

There is a sensational rumor about the yellow-green government: there is talk of the first reshuffle. He gives an account of the story The print, That explains how Louis DiMaio want the head of your Minister of Health, Giulia Grillo, whose farewell to the dicastery is getting closer and closer. Dissatisfaction with him has been brewing for some time among the pentastellati upper floors; in recent weeks, Grillo's difficulties have become even more evident. “It does not work this way. Too many errors, too much confusion“, he would have vented with his parents.

The latest trouble? The appointment of the new director general of the Italian Medicines Agency, Luca Li Bassi (in the photo on the right), which dates back to 5 September: since then, the signature of the new general manager has never arrived. Officially we are working on "the employment contract". But in the rooms of the ministry there is talk of an afterthought by Li Bassi, who would have strong doubts about the job prospects. But not only. In the last few days they are the spokesman resigned and the chief of staff della Grillo, two other signs of the fact that the minister is really in the balance.

In short, the reshuffle would be inexorably approaching, with Grillo "pushed" away from the department. In its place, it is whispered, it would already be ready Armando Bertolazzi, current undersecretary of health, proposed before the vote by Di Maio precisely as minister.

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Note: Armando Bartolazzi (Rome, 11 February 1961) graduated in medicine and surgery from the Sapienza University of Rome, he specialized in clinical pathology with an experimental focus in 1991 and histology and pathological anatomy in 1999. Pathologist at the Sant'Andrea University Hospital in Rome, he has dealt in particular with tumors of the thyroid gland.
Before the 2018 general elections, he was presented as a possible Minister of Health in a possible Di Maio government. On 13 June he was appointed undersecretary for health in the Conte government


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