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Big trouble in Sigma Tau

There is no peace for the former workers of Sigma Tau: one month after its beginning, the crisis appears far from resolved. In mid-January, the leading pharmaceutical research and manufacturing company laid off 569 of its 1,400 employees. A choice motivated by relaunch strategies and perhaps, the most mischievous whisper, by the hidden attempt to sell, easier to implement without the ballast of so many mouths to feed. Notapolitica.it has dealt with the matter in recent weeks. We talked about the workers' protest in Trigoria in front of the Roma bus, before the Giallorossi's championship match against Bologna. We also talked about the attempts made by the mayor of Pomezia (where the company is based) Enrico De Fusco and the prefect of Rome, Giuseppe Pecoraro, worried by the social repercussions of the situation for the municipality on the outskirts of the capital.

Attempts to reach an agreement continued over the following weeks. Businesses, trade unions and institutions sitting around a table to find an agreement capable of satisfying everyone, at least in part. A futile effort, though. Sigma Tau remained on its positions and also last Monday's meeting, after hours of negotiations, ended with nothing done. The reaction of the workers was not long in coming: the following day about 300 people blocked the Pontina in the direction of Rome for a good hour. Peaceful protest, without incidents (despite the unrealistic attempt to invade the rest of the roadway), also thanks to the careful and constant supervision of the State Police, capable of guaranteeing order despite the general state of evident tension.

Before continuing in the history, however, it is appropriate to update the data. At the moment, 348 dismissal letters have already been sent and received, there are another 99 suspended, while 108 are the workers to whom outsourcing has been announced, i.e. the relocation to third-party companies to which certain jobs will be contracted out. The protest, however, flared up in the entire workforce of the company, which in fact has now been closed for about a month. Our source refers to a strong solidarity among workers who currently block the activity, with a ban on the entry and exit of goods. A kind of hinge strike that holds the entire business hostage; the same goes for the research sector where participation is equal to 99%. Only the administrative offices work. All controlled by the 24-hour guard in front of the gates.

Despite this, the property shows no signs of giving up, any kind of opening. The reasons remain secret, the most accredited being the intention to sell on advantageous terms, but someone also reports internal wars that make the attempt to find an agreement even more complex. Meanwhile, the prefect of Rome has returned to office and, in a new meeting held yesterday with Sigma Tau, he once again explained the reasons of public and social order which would impose on the company the duty to find a solution quickly. Also because in the meantime tempers are getting hotter and hotter. The fired workers have no intention of stopping and are preparing the next steps. Starting from Tuesday 21 January, when they will preside over Piazza Montecitorio from 2 to 7 pm to light

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