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Gsk:, +18% in Q1 2010,

 In Q1 2010, GlaxoSmithKline's net profit rose 18% to £1.34bn (€1.5bn) thanks largely to flu vaccine sales which reached £698m. Earnings per share were 30.7 pence, compared with 26.3 pence in Q1 2009. Sales rose 9% to £7.4bn, driven by Asia Pacific (+45% ) of emerging markets (+43%) and Europe (+16%). Sales in the US market were down by 1% due to competition from generic drugs.

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Verona. New appeal from Glaxosmtihkline workers to save the Verona research center of the pharmaceutical multinational, which announced its closure in recent months. The provincial councilors of the Democratic Party denounced that "the situation is very negative: in addition to the 518 researchers involved in the disposal, GSK has identified 18 redundancies out of 100 workers in the financial management and the cut of 200 of the 970 medical-scientific informants is also expected". "In total - said the leader of the Democratic Party, Vincenzo D'Arienzo - there are 736 jobs at risk".

(Excerpt from "L'Arena di Verona" of 29 April 2010)

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