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How many know that lung cancer kills more people than breast, bowel and prostate cancer combined? Very few people know that every year in Italy there are 31,000 new cases, that more people die of lung cancer in Italy than have died of AIDS in more than 20 years and that worldwide there are more than 1.5 million victims a year. It is also to promote awareness of the social gravity of illness that the Alcare-Alcase Italia Onlus association was born in Cuneo, the only Italian non-profit organization exclusively dedicated to the fight against lung cancer. As explained by Gianfranco Buccheri, the scientific director and founder, Alcase was founded to help the research scientific, to increase the professional preparation of health workers and also to help suffering people and their families.
Now there is another step forward. Thanks to the financial support of the Crt Foundation of Turin, a unique project of its kind in Italy has started: it is called "Doctors of excellence. The hundred leading lung cancer experts in Italy". «In theory it seems like an impossible undertaking - says Buccheri - but in practice something can be done. We have decided to consider the "best" doctors who have the largest number of valuable clinical trials to their credit. In practice, one will be made on an initial list of 3,000 doctors research of the publications surveyed on the Medline and therefore a ranking according to internationally accepted criteria. Eventually we will arrive at the list of the first hundred experts, which will be published on the internet, accompanied by a series of practical information. «It will be an objective guide to rely on in the first phase, the most delicate, of the illness. Thanks to the global village of the network and the efforts of Alcase» says Buccheri.

The sun 24 hours dated 08/08/2008


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