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The NAS at the Policlinico of Messina

 The Messina Polyclinic

Drugs that have expired for two years, dirt, rubble and dust even inside the operating theatres.

It's still. Leaking water pipes and a bat carcass covered in cobwebs. This is what the Nas carabinieri found yesterday during an inspection of the Messina Polyclinic, scene of the fight between two doctors that took place last Thursday in the delivery room, while a woman was waiting to give birth to her first child. On behalf of the Minister of Health, Ferruccio Fazio, the soldiers of the Nas of Catania, in collaboration with their colleagues in Palermo, Catanzaro and Ragusa and those of the Provincial Command of Messina, have carried out an inspection activity at the «G. Martino" of Messina, highlighting that the structure "is affected by hygienic-sanitary, structural and technical plant deficiencies such as to constitute a danger to the health of patients and staff operating in violation of the legislation on safety in the workplace and in hospitalization, as well as the presence of drugs set aside in the wards of the various departments and non-compliance with the dirty / clean paths". The inspectors of the Minister of Health, Ferruccio Fazio, will soon arrive at the hospital, which ended up in the eye of the storm, to shed light on another case of alleged medical malpractice, the abortion of a malformed fetus in a bathroom, without the assistance of doctors because they are all conscientious objectors. After the clamor and scandal caused by the dispute in the operating room of the obstetrics department, the investigators are trying to put together the elements collected so far to reconstruct what happened to Laura Salpietro, who had her uterus removed due to post-cesarean complications and her son, who suffered two cardiac arrests and for whom brain damage is feared.

Il Tempo - Interni Esteri  02/09/2010

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