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The Pisans reject the reform: "No to maxi-clinics"

Chorus of criticisms of the government: "This makes everything worse"

The reform proposes, among the many measures, 24-hour coverage by general practitioners

Pisa, 7 September 2012 – The Pisans don't like it health care reform proposed by Health Minister Renato Balduzzi and launched by the Government in the last few hours. A reform that proposes, among the many measures, also the 24-hour coverage by general practitioners, so as to ensure a higher level of health protection while taking into account – this is the spirit of the reform – the need to contain both healthcare and pharmaceutical spending.

Given the declining inflow of financial resources for the NHS, the challenge to overcome requires a reorganization of the duties of the medical staff. Will then be created nnew clinics in which to bring together more professional figures, including specialists who only support general practitioners who, through the assignment of shifts, they will lighten the burden on the emergency room.

"It is unthinkable that our doctors no longer do home care, especially in the case of pediatricians", says Daniela Fiaschi, among the citizens interviewed by La Nazione for an immediate comment on the reform. "There is a serious risk of losing the relationship created between doctor and patient".

Andrea Luperi shares the same opinion, explaining how "the only positive aspect of the system adopted so far is the relationship that is established between the doctor and patient, which cannot and must not be cancelled. The doctor almost takes on the role of a parish priest, who he has looked after you since birth and knows you so well that he can even provide you with all the answers with a simple phone call. prospect of 24-hour rhyme coverage

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