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The 25% of the self-employed live below the poverty line

Editor's note: We report the note below from Federcontribuenti on the dramatic working situation of at least 25% of VAT numbers. Among these VAT numbers there are also many ISF (false VAT numbers) who are exploited with precarious contracts (agents, consultants, fixed-term contracts, etc.) by profiteers who enjoy total impunity due to the absence of controls by AIFA and the tacit ignorance of the unionor. And among the profiteers we must not forget INPS, INAIL and Enasarco (which for the ISF is not due) which collect contributions from workers who will not be able to reach retirement age with at least 20 years of payments which will thus become non-repayable.

In 3 years, 3 million VAT numbers have died. The 25% of the self-employed live below the poverty line

The VAT numbers, call too tax donors, they are not to be hated, but save.

Federtaxpayers – 28 December 2019

Taxpayers Federation: ”with a turnover of 45 thousand euros, paying all taxes, remains a net gain of17 thousand euros, with what courage do they speak of a reduced tax burden? In the 2020 we will not have any economic growth, we will still be last among all OECD countries and this because the tendency to fiscal assassination who produces money and employment”. Without permits or paid holidays, without the right to get sick and only the 25% manages to keep the VAT number open untilretirement age ”losing all contributions Inps and Inail and ENASARCO”. The average income of a VAT number is dropped by 7 thousand euros in the last 10 years. An employee without dependents costs the employer the 47,88% more than the net income it receives. ”There is no work, I open a VAT number to create work and employment and what does the state do? He judges me as a tax evader in the bud and extorts me relentlessly and logically ".

Why are VAT numbers so disliked by everyone? ”A legend artfully created by politicians to justify the continuous increases in taxes or other forms of fiscal torture. For governments, VAT numbers are just ATMs like pensioners”. The self-employed are 5.3 million, 23.2% of the employed and they are in sharp decline compared to 2016 when we counted an army of 8.6 million VAT number. That is, fewer 3.3 million workers in about 3 years and far fewer will survive 2020”.

The 71% are natural persons and in the last 10 years they have closed more than 257 thousand active businesses:

" The 25.8% of the autonomous lives below the poverty line calculated by Istat”.

The tax controls behind the story of the fight against tax evasion.

”All the self-employed these days open the pec trembling. Every end of the year sanctions arrive from INPS with mysterious recalculations based on old tax returns even of 6, 7 years before with orders to pay In 5 days. The 98% of VAT numbers has in progress installments for debts or missed paymentsthat accumulate at tax deadlines, in short, it's like continuously chasing a destination that moves 10 km forward from year to year".

In short, the State implements a differential and oppressive tax burden behind that legend that sees the self-employed as tax evaders par excellence. ”Why shouldn't a small business owner have the right to get sick? Why shouldn't he have the right to holidays while burdened by a thousand tax obligations? What do you pay all the taxes for?

Paying a tax on money that hasn't been earned yet.

”It is called value added tax where an autonomous person must advance money to the State on a hypothetical profit. We will propose a series of legislative initiatives against all these tax obligations which risk decapitating those workers who represent the country's economic engine. Fiscal peace has failed, it is necessary cut of the 60% all tax and bureaucratic obligations, streamline procedures and provide for greater flexibility in deadlines to avoid continuous recalculations and tax bills that put healthy working activities at risk".

The life of a VAT number.

”Every year they undergo 100 checks by 15 different bodies; a check every 3 days and the 25% of these checks are transformed into a report – first you pay and then you dispute and if you don't pay, a nice tax notice will arrive. The 90% of the VAT number comes oppressed by bank overdrafts with very high rates and as a guarantee you have to give everything you own – because a VAT number must always be mistreated, so much so that there is no trade union, no one to protect them.

They must then pay the employment consultant and the accountant and always have a tax lawyer. Then it has to keep up with the times, with technologies and go with the cost of software licenses. Then there are the F24; the declaration of the single model, the Irpef, the Irap, spesometer and old sector studies and for some the construction fund and then the chamber of commerce and still praying every time the DURC [Single Contribution Regularity Document].

What about training or workplace safety courses? And the Sistri and the waste register? What about the employees to pay? Psychological terrorism, this is what a self-employed person suffers who spends sleepless nights in a vain attempt to make ends meet and maybe even support a family.

In Italy the 95% are micro enterprises and, with some rare exceptions, they are all in debt to the taxman and they want you to believe that they are in debt because they are tax evaders. This is a lie, a real pillory. The truth is that these VAT numbers pay and support your public pensions and salaries; and they also maintain the basic income”.

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