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Naples. Villa Betania: access forbidden to the ISF and the chaplain for 2 weeks

Villa Betania: only patients in the hospital. Closed the bar and the chapel

Anti-covid squeeze at Villa Betania: access allowed only to patients

From today until 30 October visits, bar activities and also masses in the hospital chapel are suspended

NapoliToday – 15 October 2020

The considerable increase in infections from Covid-19 in the Campania Region has prompted the General Management and the Health Management of the Evangelical Betania Hospital in Naples to close the structure to access to external subjects, other than patients, for the next 15 days starting from today, as well as a suspend the activity of the inside bar and the service of chaplaincy, in order to ensure maximum safety of staff and patients.

For the next two weeks - explains a note from the hospital - unless subsequently extended, access already blocked to patients' families will also not be allowed to consultants, suppliers, representatives and medical-scientific informants. [Editor's note: Yes they call drug sales reps!]

The new anti-Covid measures have been decided to minimize the sources of contagion. The initiatives envisaged by the legislation and those put in place by our hospital, such as the continuous sanitization of the environments, the carrying out of rapid swabs for patients and employees, the triage reorganization, separate routes, etc. may not be sufficient to ensure safety. Therefore it is necessary to limit access from the outside to the indispensable”, explains the Medical Director, Antonio Sciambra.

The decision to close all external accesses, suspend meetings and non-strictly medical activities was made necessary by the impossibility of adequately controlling and monitoring the sources of possible contagion. We count on the understanding of the sick, their families and all employees”, adds the General Manager, Luciano Cirica.

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