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The gotha celebrates and the isfs are fired

Dear colleagues,
about a month ago, on these pages, I sent my personal point of view on the situation in the pharmaceutical sector. In the same article, I also highlighted how in many companies there is a complete detachment between the reality experienced daily by the ISFs and that theorized and experienced by big management.
And now I come to find out that in one of the companies indicated by the Hon. Scilipoti to appear as not very crystalline in his behavior towards the ISF, two days of great corporate Christmas celebrations would be about to take place.
Specifically and from the news received, it seems that on Monday evening the various bosses and various secretaries were invited to an internal theatrical show. The director of this great theatrical kermesse seems to be the personnel manager of this large multinational, who evidently, in addition to making life difficult for his employees, also amuses himself in similar labors as a second-rate stroller. The theater company, on the other hand, is made up of some internal staff who evidently have nothing else to do and try their hand at such stressful tasks.
All this would be achieved simultaneously with the peak of discontent of the isfs of the various lines (read external workers) which have reached an all-time high.
It also seems that everything will not end on Monday evening. In fact, while the isfs have to be damned every day with parking lots, doctors' hours, speed cameras, patients and whatever else, it also seems that on Tuesday morning the company Christmas Day will be celebrated in a pleasant location. On the occasion of this social event, from which isfs are obviously banned and in perfect harmony with the fake pharmaceutical crisis, in addition to a beautiful paid lunch at Gotha alone, a nice prize trip to exotic locations forbidden to most will be drawn among those present, as has already been happening for years.
There's nothing to say. It 'a nice picture together. The fools (the isfs) work outside the company and a small elite instead gives itself to the celebrations, preparing the inevitable exodus of other isfs deemed useless and now to be thrown away.
Beautiful thing !! And how much coherence with the principles of Holy Christmas. If we then consider that the CEO boasts of being a knight of a deserving Christian congregation, the picture is sufficiently complete.
I leave every comment to you.
Umberto Alderisi

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