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Of Ivan Cavicchi | 17 December 2012 | Daily fact

There is something barbaric, cynical and ruthless that is killing the citizens of Lazio with sanity. They pay excesses that would have needed other potentially infinite excesses to be maintained. Instead Bondi and the finite are the same thing. As Terminator he has his mission to fulfill and he is programmed for it. Conscience has nothing to do with it, he has to do his job. As mastro Titta performs a service and tries to do it with professionalism... it is illogical to take it out on him... but before you get within range... how many dirty things, how much corruption, how much clientelism, how much consent bought benevolently closing his eyes on so many filth.

Primaries, complex structures, entire hospitals, agreements with private individuals... favors in exchange for favors... now the Roman health system, like a sewer clogged with debts, bursts, overwhelming the poor souls. But mastro Titta cut off the heads of criminals, he was all in all a vigilante, Bondi no, he cuts, against his will, the heads of citizens, the most helpless, weakest...who have nothing to do with it. You want to say that we need to get back into the compatibility ranks... all right things... even heroic, no one would have ever imagined it was possible to bring the health potentates of the Eternal City to their knees... but in the meantime it will be the fault of the transitive rule who remains under us are the poor bastards. In movies, as with drugs, they are called “side effects”.

The drama, dear Bondi, apart from the cuts is the absence of some measure of protection for citizens, i.e. the lack of a plan that governs a transition without victims. "Do more and better with less" is a nice phrase but in the meantime it's like demolishing a building with people inside. Television has noticed it, Lazio's health care is now pulling like Ilva, like the trial of Misseri, the students in the streets, the workers' protests, the return of Berlusconi ... but with the difference that the people interviewed in the hospital corridors , in the emergency departments, in the waiting rooms of the clinics they shout in the Roman dialect "semo oncologici", "we have to operate"

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