Supplements under attack. The Herb Chemist Pelini: The Press and Politics Take a Stand

While most of the national media and politicians continue to ignore the issue, I'm denouncing for some time, regarding the attack of Europe and the countries of northern Germany in the lead, against the natural health and pharmaceutical sector and in particular of plant extracts, people for fear of completely unproven toxic effects are starting to move away from supplements containing turmeric and fermented red rice as well as Aloe and Green Tea thus giving a hand to those who want to destroy a safe and promising sector such as the natural one.

Me through my channels Paolo Pelini's Blog , Facebook, Linkedin etc.. I will continue to promulgate the correct scientific information and to carry forward in parliament and to the attention of the next government and institutions my research and reports which have already denied the European and EFSA lie on Hydroxyanthracene derivatives, The national press and politics take a clear position in this regard before it is too late.

Paul Pellini

Paolo Pelini talks about himself!

I decided to tell about my profession and what I do in the workplace. 

I am a herbochemist, i.e. an expert in quality control, research and pharmacognostic and cytotoxicological evaluation of plant extracts of medicinal plants, not that I deal with microbiotic studies, i.e. of the microbiota contained in plant extracts and its action on the phytocomplex and on the molecules of the same extracts. I also deal with scientific dissemination and research related to natural products of plant origin.

I was born in Rome on 8/3/1985 

After finishing the Master in Recognition and Pharmacognostic Evaluation of Medicinal Plants at the Sapienza University of Rome 

I started my professional career at the environmental biology department of the La Sapienza University of Rome collaborating with Professor Marcello Nicoletti, where I worked in the phytochemical and microbiological quality control analysis of plant extracts on projects for the identification of picramate of sodium in extracts containing Lawsonia inermis, Indigofera tinctoria and others, as well as in the extraction of alkaloids from products suspected of having cocaine inside and microbiological analysis as possible contaminants of natural products!

At that time I dealt with HAD Hydroxyanthracene Derivatives and on that occasion in 2019 I held a conference at the La Sapienza University of Rome precisely on hydroxyanthracene derivatives and their connection with colon cancer as well as developing a new technique the P- TLCScan of derivatization on TLC thin layer chromatography plate.

On a political level, in addition to having covered a role of national leader in an Italian party, I have always been interested in trying to bring the importance of scientific research to the attention of Italian institutions by presenting various bills to parliament, which I continue to do still trying to bring to the attention of the institutions the Scientific Fakes of those who want to destroy the natural pharmaceutical sector and the health sector with anti-scientific means accusing medicinal plants and their extracts of toxicity or ineffectiveness, writing numerous scientific reports filed in parliament and at the Ministry della Salute and to the Ministry of Agricultural and Forestry Policies MIPAAF as well as my articles in support of natural products on specialized sites. 

From Paolo Pelini's Blog

Received in the editorial staff on 21 September 2022

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