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ISF Three-year degree course.

The Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Camerino activated for the first time in 2000 the (three-year) Degree Course in Scientific Information on Drugs, a natural evolution of the previous University Diploma. The experience gained has made it possible to ascertain that a high percentage of those enrolled in the degree course are people already involved in the professional activity of the informant.
These 'worker-students' have obvious problems with attendance at lessons, with negative repercussions on academic progress and lengthening of the duration of the degree course. To help overcome these difficulties, the Faculty has decided to experiment with the use of distance learning methods (e-learning), through the development of specific teaching material for all the teachings of the course. The material can be consulted and used through a simple Internet connection.
For the 2006/07 academic year, the contents relating to the training activities of the first year of the Degree Course will be available. An online tutoring service will also be activated, to provide all the necessary assistance to students 'remotely'.
Students interested in taking advantage of the new modality of carrying out the Degree Course, and therefore in having access to the e-learning material, must report this option to the Student Secretariat at the time of enrolment.
In this case, an additional contribution of 500 Euros will be requested, in addition to the normal enrollment fees.
For further information you can contact:
Student Secretariat: Dr. Roberto Rossini, tel. 0737/404807-404008,
email: roberto.rossini@unicam.it
Pharmacy Faculty Secretariat: Dr. Giancarlo Carbonetti, tel.0737/402456,
e-mail: Farmacia@unicam.it

The Professor in charge of the Course The Dean of the Faculty
Prof. Claudio Pettinari Prof. Maurizio Massi

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