ISTAT. Industrial Production of Pharmaceuticals in March – 9.1 YoY

In March 2020, the seasonally adjusted industrial production index is estimated to decrease by 28.4% compared to February. On average for the first quarter of the year, the seasonally adjusted level of production decreased by 8.4% compared to the previous three months.

The seasonally adjusted monthly index shows marked cyclical decreases in all sectors; variations negatives characterize, in fact, capital goods (-39.9%), intermediate goods (-27.3%), consumer goods (-27.2%) and energy (-10.1%).

Corrected for calendar effects, in March 2020 the overall index decreased in trend terms by 29.3% (there were 22 working days against 21 in March 2019).

In March 2020, the indices corrected for calendar effects recorded particularly marked decreases in all sectors; therefore negative changes are recorded for capital goods (-39.0%), intermediate goods (-28.7%), consumer goods (-26.2%) and energy (-10.5%).

All the main sectors of economic activity recorded negative trend changes. The most relevant are those of the manufacture of means of transport (-52.6%), of the textile, clothing, leather and accessories industries (-51.2%), of the manufacture of machinery and equipment nec (-40.1%) and of metallurgy and manufacturing of metal products (-37.0%) while the smallest decline was recorded in the food, beverage and tobacco industries (-6.5%).

During the survey phase there was a moderate reduction in the response rate of companies, following the ongoing health emergency. The actions implemented to deal with these disturbances in the data collection phase (see Methodological note, page 11) made it possible to develop and disseminate the indices for the month of March 2020.

ISTAT – 11 May 2020


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