The hoax of the day. Zika: The Work of Pharmaceutical Companies!

There microcephaly related to vaccine trials on pregnant women. The Zika story would serve as a cover.

Zika virus, the strategy of fear continues

zika 675The strategy of fear continues. Already last week the news that, just to create some pathos, the Brazilian federal government will employ thousands of soldiers for a door-to-door search for stagnant water and forced disinfestation. Killing two birds with one stone. Scare both Brazilians and world public opinion and fill families, pregnant women and children with toxic substances. Already sprayed pretty well with repellents.

In the meantime they are found on the web detailed explanations like this one. "Sapereèundovere" is naturally considered a blog that thrives on hoaxes, God forbid. However, I recommend that you go to the end of the reading, even if it is a bit long, and also analyze the links to which it refers. If it is a hoax it is very well argued. There is also a source in Portuguese, referring to other Brazilian sites. This is also very well documented.

Caccia al vaccino contro Zika, per prima ci prova Sanofi PasteurThe substance of what is discussed is the microcephaly related to vaccine trials on pregnant women. The Zika story would serve as a cover.

In the meantime, a crew from "Rede Globo", who went to the Ministry of Health in Brasilia for an interview on the subject, identified an impressive quantity of waste mixed with stagnant water in the surrounding area, putting the minister himself in the pillory who promised that within two days they would put everything right.

I can only add that, despite the efforts of the national media, the Brazilians, beyond the terrified (obviously God forbid) pregnant women in Pernambuco, do not seem to care too much about the alarm.

Of Mauro Villone | February 2, 2016 | Daily fact

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