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The counterinformation on scientific informants

by Editorial board – March 8, 2013 at 12:18 pm Those who the Pharmacy Magazine

I state that I am not a supporter of Grillo and his movement and reading the intervention on DRUGS AND SCIENTIFIC INFORMERS I say that I am not convinced.

We are talking about MICROBRICK, so whoever made it must not be completely alien to the material. I'm just saying, it doesn't convince me.!

Here a 68-type generational change is taking place, of which we are currently experiencing only the prodromes and whose effects will be profound.

As in all revolutions, there are counter-revolutionaries, i.e. those who are happy with the status quo, who will defend their privileges strenuously, tooth and nail.

I don't want to make too demanding and out of place parallelisms, but I remember the strategy of tension in the years of lead, artificially created, and the military coups in Central America see Chile and ALLENDE, etc. etc..

Allow me to express my opinion, which is that sometimes counterinformation is used in order to belittle the opponent.

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