The law of stability in the Gazette. The great unknown factor of cuts to health care. Here is the text

It will go into effect on January 1. A single article with 735 paragraphs. For health, the resources sanctioned in the Health Pact were confirmed. But the Regions will have to contribute 4 billion a year to the consolidation of the public finances. Verification by 31 January 2015, otherwise government cuts could be triggered. Healthcare included. THE TEXT IN THE JOURNAL.

December 30, 2014 –

For health care, this stability law maintains, for the moment, the "large numbers" of the Health Pact: 112,062,000,000 euros for the year 2015 and 115,444,000,000 euros for the year 2016. Including the clause that any savings in healthcare remain available to the sector for new investments and improvements in assistance. But there is the great unknown factor of cuts to regional budgets: 4 billion a year as a contribution to the containment of public spending that the Regions will have to save without affecting the essential levels of assistance.

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