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Change at the leadership of AssoGenerici. Giorgio Foresti leaves the presidency, a position he held since 2008, at the same time as his resignation from the leadership of Teva Italia (of which he became president last November). He was succeeded by Vice President Enrico Hausermann.

17 JAN – Giorgio Foresti resigned today from the Presidency of AssoGenerici, a position he has held continuously since 2008, the year of his first election. Thus a note from the Association which specifies how "Foresti, one of the personalities in the pharmaceutical world who has contributed most to the development of equivalent medicines in Italy, leaves the same time as his resignation from the pharmaceutical company Teva (position held since November 2012) to start a new experience in another sector of the pharmaceutical sector".

To succeed him in the leadership of the Association, the Board of Directors has appointed the current Vice President Enrico Hausermann, managing director of EG, as a sign of the continuity of the political line pursued over the years by AssoGenerici. “The Board of Directors, in thanking Dr. Foresti for the work he has carried out, wishes President Hausermann a good job”.

January 17, 2013Dailyhealthcare.it

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