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The megacompany and the isf

Dear colleagues, in many of my letters I have highlighted critical issues and distortions of our working system, trying to trace a path to follow with my readers.
Today I would like to talk about how alienating some pharmaceutical companies and many colleagues who work there have become. The character par excellence who can photograph this situation is the legendary Fantozzi. From Villaggio's imagination, however, one can clearly appreciate how much film fiction is in many cases close to reality.
Wikipedia the online encyclopedia helps us in this regard by giving its vision.
"La Megaditta is an imaginary company in which the character of Ugo Fantozzi, created by the comedian Paolo Villaggio, "tragically lends service", and in which most of the events concerning him or his colleagues take place. It is a tragicomic caricature of a company in which the employees are characterized in an exasperated way as go-getters, servilists and slackers". The company follows all the stereotypes of an alienating and exploiting company:
– operates in an unknown sector
– is repeatedly at the center of financial scandals
– has a very rigid and highly bureaucratized hierarchy characterized by characters of aristocratic origin with unlikely positions at the top of the organization chart: the galactic Mega-President is the Duke Count Barambani, immediately below whom is the Grand Council of Ten Absents; among the major shareholders is the Countess Serbelloni Mazzanti Viendalmare.
Many colleagues, attentive to what is happening in their own company, will only be able to find similarities with their working reality and in their daily life.
It is unfortunately in these realities that people without any competence "invent" new strategies and new ideas every day to propose to their own ISFs and to the medical profession. In these structures mobbing. stalking and a thousand other exploitative methods are unfortunately commonplace and are used as personnel management methods, poisoning a corporate climate that could instead be much more serene and productive.
Fortunately, not all pharmaceutical companies are like this, otherwise it would be a real disaster, but what is described in these lines I can assure you is not fiction or a lie.
Let's open our eyes, dear colleagues, and avoid becoming dominated by corporate quirks like Fantozzi.
Umberto Alderisi

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