Lazio. Online recipes and clinics open on Sundays, how healthcare is changing

Thursday, October 16, 2014 – The future emerges

The numerous invitations we receive in childhood not to waste sheets of paper unnecessarily, even if seasoned with an often annoying rhetoric including secular trees in danger of extinction and forests destined for oblivion, certainly represent an effective educational means to prevent of cellulose turns into a planetary emergency based on bad habits.

On the health side, the all-Italian trend towards the continuous production of papyri full of medical records e medical prescriptions, constitutes a further problem destined to reverberate on the already scarce efficiency of the services at home: while most European countries have already converted to the digital world, shortening timescales and bureaucratic formalities, the obligation to keep track of folders and recipes (sanctioned by Italian law) for very long periods represents one of the factors capable of slowing down a rather cumbersome apparatus tied to the needs of the past.

A first step towards the future has been taken in these hours by Lazio region, where theintroduction of online recipes is configured as a stage of turn towards that modern and digital healthcare, announced several times during the electoral campaign and then ended up in oblivion together with other provisions full of dust.

During the past morning, the signing of an agreement between the Region and the unions of general practitioners finally allowed theadvent of the long-awaited prescriptions via e-mail which will allow citizens to avoid long lines in front of the clinics of general practitioners (seasoned by the risk of possible relapses due to climatic changes) and to medical profession to avoid often completely useless visits, since a very large portion of the recipes produced concerns repetitions of drugs already prescribed and already approved by the doctor-patient combination.

A further agreement in Lazio healthcare, it will also allow patients to be able to go to one outpatient study also on Sundays, thus avoiding the need to go to hospital emergency rooms (already full of them) and the endless phone calls to the nearest Emergency Medical Service: exactly as happens for pharmacies, each area with a high demographic rate will have a particular municipal clinic, within which the doctors on duty will offer their advice even on public holidays.

The small revolution in Lazio represents an important one carried out in our health care and constitutes the landing point of discussions that began a decade ago and have not yet concluded, with the hope that (especially on the side of medical records and recipes) the regional experiment will soon become the norm at a national level, we wish Italy a rapid entry into the wonderful digital world, to the delight of the Amazon forest and citizens oppressed by a slow bureaucratic machine full of useless papers.

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