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Hyenas slam bribes to doctors on the front page

11/03/2013 – Here's what correspondent Nadia Toffa discovered

The service of hyenas aired yesterday evening on Italia 1 reveals the "vice" of some doctors who, in money exchange by the manufacturers, they prescribed certain drugs and initiated treatments. This is how "specialists" earn on the health of patients.

THE HYENAS AND THE STRANGE PRESCRIPTIONS – "When the doctor earns from the sale of a drug, there is something wrong, indeed, let's just say that it is illegal" these are the words of Nadia Toffe, the envoy of the Hyenas, to introduce the service on ill-gotten gains of some doctors. "Doctors put adults and children under treatment in exchange for congresses and money", the revelation comes following the testimony of a representative of scientific representatives of a multinational drug company who has worked for twenty-four years in the sector. The man sold growth hormone and managed eight whistleblowers who promoted the product in hospitals. The drug is used in children for growth failure and in adults for other pathologies and the company that produced it promised bonuses for each prescription. The turnover is high because each vial costs 327 euros and the treatment involves three vials per month. A summary of the Hyenas shows the expenditure: "Each child treated costs the State one thousand euros a month, therefore twelve thousand euros a year and each adult instead six hundred euros a month and seven thousand and two hundred euros a year". The drug has passed from the national health service, therefore, it is the citizens who pay. Here you can see the complete service.

THE HYENAS AND THE DOUBTS – "It was a real tariff, I have proof of all the agreements made with the doctors" says the informant and these data are part of an investigation opened by the Public Prosecutor's Office in 2009 and closed three years later because corruption was difficult to ascertain because it was "distant in time". La Toffa shows the content of some of the emails mentioned and from the first we learn: "I will invest a thousand euros in a patient" or "I can count on five or six new cases", there are also names and surnames and

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