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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR. Luciano Ferrarini replies to the editorial staff

Request: Many things written by the editors are acceptable. And right now I'm not interested in deciding who is the best or the most guilty. I am anxious to defend our role, our workplace. In Italy, not all pharmaceutical companies are multinationals. Small and medium-sized pharmaceutical companies have, sometimes imaginatively, tried to increase jobs. Let's not expect anything from others: in Farmindustria there are legitimate opposing interests and visions. We have to defend ourselves. We have to make an opinion not only among the people, but also at the political and mass-media level. We ISF are too individualistic and many colleagues are still deluding themselves. I don't want to trigger debates and bore you, but to encourage everyone to give concrete answers to the present reality that threatens us.

Luciano Ferrarini

August 23, 2012


Ed.: We share completely. No tedium. Every contribution or opinion, even criticism (provided it is constructive) is precious.


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