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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR. Coming out of hibernation yes, but… (reply to colleague Bufalino)


Coming out of hibernation yes, but… (reply to colleague Bufalino)

The expression coming out of hibernation is banal and inappropriate for an ISF. The ISF cannot afford to go into hibernation on pain of death.

I think it is more appropriate to say "let's take our dignity", the "respect and protection of our work". Mind you, I didn't say "let's recover" because in so many years of associative commitment, with so many Colleagues with the “C” capitalized, I/we fought for the concept of category/unit to spread with the same violence as a powerful epidemic. Unfortunately this has occurred in rare cases because many companies have managed to eradicate it with powerful drugs (with the carrot and stick system: see threats of dismissal, mobbing, etc. or see awards, personal favors and so much more…), which we had to passively endure as eg, “do not join or contact the trade unions because it is not necessary, forget the trade associations because they are made up of slacker colleagues”, it is useless to contact a lawyer because he is incompetent and so on…

Now, hearing that FEDERAISF does nothing sounds to the same extent as the historical futile criticisms that emerge from time to time from colleagues, with the small (c) waking up suddenly, perhaps in difficulty because the company has activated mobility or is thinking of doing so. Usually, and I think I'm not wrong, these criticisms are made by those who have always embraced the concept, to find a plausible excuse that, "the best defense is an attack", a bit like some consumer associations have been doing in the last few hours which, by virtue of the fact that they stand as champions of the defense of the rights of citizens/consumers, blindly attack all the institutions, without having the slightest awareness of the system and its problems, all in order to gain more support for their movements.

Unfortunately, these colleagues with a small (c) are the real victims precisely because they have always accepted and supported the sugary tales told by their employers who, rightly in their interest, had and are right to support. Just think of what has been done to reach the recognition of the profession of the ISF and the need to establish a register of the ISF and of how many obstacles and boycotts subtly put in place to avoid promulgating a law on the matter. These "colleagues do not see, or do not want to see, the commitment made for the two demonstrations in Rome, they do not see the countless causes, with the commitment of enormous resources for us, made to the mass media for defamation against us, precisely to defend the ISF, they do not see the numerous parliamentary questions that the Federation now, and the Associations before, have promoted through "friendly" parliamentarians, they do not know that in the last five

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