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Liberalizations, the novelty of unit doses appears among the amendments

Gestation increasingly difficult for the law converting the liberalization decree. Which continues to promise well for doctors on the paragraph relating to the prescription of generics, but also offers last-minute surprises such as unit doses. Shards of suspense before an ending that continues to be long in coming: the Senate Industry Commission should have fired the text destined for the courtroom by yesterday, then the postponement until this morning and now, at the time of writing, the news that the working group as a precaution, he has already scheduled further meetings for tomorrow and the day after, as if to get his hands on it.

Meanwhile, the carousel of proposals and amendments continues in the Commission  that has been tangling the skein of the decree for days. On generics, paragraph 9 of article 11, there shouldn't be any surprises for doctors. An unexpected novelty, on the other hand, is the proposal that emerged on Saturday from the Fli and Third Polo cylinder, which would ask for the establishment of so-called unit doses: in essence, for therapies that require lower dosages than those available in the packs, the pharmacist would dispense "loose" units as already happens in Anglo-Saxon countries. Apparently, the two center parties would be ready to turn this request into a political battle, even if they would have already declared their willingness to deal with the point in another legislative container.

On pharmacies, another "hot" point of article 11, the idea of raising the population ratio from the 3,000 of the decree to 3,300 seems to be prevailing. But even here we have to wait for the last word from the government.

February 28, 2012 - DoctorNews

Liberalizations: pharmacies, quorum towards 3,300 and the age limit for owners is back

The owner who has reached retirement age will have to step aside and appoint a pharmacy director. This is the news that comes from the Senate Industry Commission (in the photo Palazzo Madama), which has been in session since yesterday afternoon to definitively close the game on article 11 of the liberalization decree. A match that should have ended yesterday and instead risks extending until tomorrow if not beyond: work sessions have been set as a precaution until Thursday, the day on which the conversion text should already be in the classroom.

If the postponements follow one another, the overall picture still begins to take shape despite a basic uncertainty that will end only at the final whistle. On the quorum, for example, the hypothesis of 3,300 gains quotations with remains at 50% for the second site (with no more distinctions between municipalities with less or more than 9,000 inhabitants): convergences on intermediate values are not entirely excluded, but the objective of 3,500 inhabitants for the pharmacy it becomes less and less realistic with the hours. The opening of vets and galenics (without a prescription) at p

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