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The continuous and continuous cuts that the National Health Service has suffered risk putting the system "in danger". Also because the further tightening imposed with the spending review "could generate a negative impact in the medium term on the health conditions of the population, with serious negative consequences also on an economic level" if cost containment is pursued by reducing services. This is the picture that emerges from the 2012 Osservasalute Report presented yesterday in Rome. The «further sacrifices required of public health», the Report observes, are justified on the one hand «with the high level of public debt and the correlated interest expense, on the other with the inability of the economic system to grow adequately ». The only element of great concern on the trend of the accounts, it is explained, is the interregional differentiation, with positive consolidated economic results in all the regions of the Centre-North (except Liguria) and negative in all the regions of the Centre-South (except Abruzzo) and with 2 regions (Lazio and Campania) which, also in 2011, alone generated 63% of the entire national deficit.
The risk of continuing with the cuts, therefore, is that "the gap between the available resources and those necessary to respond adequately to expectations will worsen, further eroding an already incomplete public coverage". For this reason, in the near future "it may become necessary to clarify more explicitly the levels of assistance that the NHS will actually be able to continue to guarantee on a universal basis".
And right on the regional health front comes the appeal of the director of the National Observatory on health in the Italian regions Walter Ricciardi to the new minister Beatrice Lorenzin: «The opposition between the State and the Regions leads to the closure of the national health service, as has already happened in Greece, Spain, Ireland and for various reasons also in England. We are experiencing a serious risk of unsustainability of the NHS and today the service is at tangible risk in all regions," explained Ricciardi, not just those with messy accounts. "The crisis and the State-Region conflicts - he reiterated - have put public health services into liquidation, so much so that in Spain we are witnessing the phenomenon of the "white tide", the workers of the health service being fired and expelled from the system".

30 April 2013 – Pharmacist33

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