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Maneuver. Budget Commission. Pass the derogation to the art. 18.

Rome, 4 Sept. (Adnkronos) – He can be fired with the union's agreement. Bypassing, in fact, the rigidity of Article 18, thanks to company agreements in derogation from national contracts and the law. It is the consequence of the amendment to article 8 of the maneuver approved by the Senate Budget Commission. A change that gives rise to the CGIL and the Democratic Party. If for the leader of the syndicate of Corso d'Italia Susanna Camusso "the Constitution is canceled" in an attempt to "destroy the independence of the union", according to the president of the democratic senators "it is serious that the government does not respect the agreement of 28 June". The Minister of Labor sends the accusations back to the sender, Maurice Sacconi, convinced that "it makes no sense to talk about the freedom to fire" and that, instead, the regulation contains "very useful elements for the most certain interpretation of the relevant innovations provided for by the maneuver in relation to the capacity of company and territorial contracts". The provision, which amends article 8 of the maneuver on 'support for collective bargaining', establishes that "collective labor agreements, signed at company or territorial level by workers' associations that are comparatively more representative at national or territorial level, or by their trade union representatives operating in companies can implement specific agreements with effectiveness of all workers, provided they are signed on the basis of a majority criterion relating to union presence".

The specific agreements may concern the regulation of matters relating to the organization of work and production with reference also to "the methods of recruitment and discipline of the employment relationship, including coordinated and continuous project collaborations and VAT numbers, the transformation and conversion of employment contracts and the consequences of termination of the employment relationship". Therefore, also the dismissal in derogation of article 18, with the agreement, however, of the unions which have the majority in the company.

During the work of the budget committee, the amendment on the matter was then approved spending reviews, presented by the Pd and reformulated which commits the government and the ministers concerned to present to parliament by November "a program for the reorganization of public spending".

Green light also for other amendments, including the one that revises the rule on the Robin tax, contained in the maneuver, establishing that the greater revenue will go to all

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