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Drug marketing. Now there is also the ISFR or rather ISR. Ed

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The real risk that can be glimpsed, often already a reality, is the perniciousness of the information/advertising that is offered to healthcare professionals. There is an oversupply with which all companies (they all do the same things) have (e-mail; telephone; etc) which at best disturbs those who receive them. We are increasingly similar to those who offer us new telephone calls contracts for gas and electricity or telephony, unmissable commercial proposals etc etc. In the end with kindness or not the answer always becomes the same NO THANKS. [SB]

In 2006 aFarmindustria analysis noted that the excessive, insistent and harassing "propaganda" of drugs implemented with the excessive increase in the frequency of information visits, especially for some categories/products considered to have high growth potential, had actually produced a whole series of measures aimed at containing that intrusiveness and, again according to the investigation, Farmindustria had ascertained that the doctors only remembered the 4% of all the visits made by the ISFs. That finding had resulted in 15,000 ISF layoffs and ever-tighter rules from regulatory authorities.

The solution proposed by Farmindustria was: reduction of the frequency of information visits where the contents had to have more space to be discussed and the value of the knowledge and competence of the ISFs became more important than the pure relational aspect.

Has history taught us nothing? Those who ignore history have no future. Unfortunately it is our future. [Editor's note]

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